Mohs Hardness Scale

“Hardness” is a material’s resistance to being scratched. In order to measure how hard a material is, we use theMohs Hardness Scale. Typical Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) out of the box is about a 1 on the Mohs scale. When wax is applied, the hardness doubles to roughly a 2. If Tri-Chem’s144 Water-Based Urethane Coatingis applied to VCT, the Moh rating increases to 5—five times harder than the vinyl tile itself! 144 completely eliminates the need for buffing and stripping of wax and saves up to 95% on labor costs.

144 Water-Based Urethane Coating

144 is a virtually odorless sealer that can be used on VCT, concrete, tile, metal, epoxy and more. It creates an easily cleanable surface that is chemical and abrasion resistant.

可以使用此聚氨酯涂层防护finish coat for standard and decorative floor and wall systems. It is easy to apply with pre-measured kits, is environmentally safe, and meets all USDA/FDA guidelines. Available in both gloss and low luster, this coating has a high coverage rate and can be applied vertically and horizontally.

Benefits of 144:

  • Water-based—no harmful solvents
  • Non-yellowing
  • No VOCs—virtually no odor
  • High-level abrasion and stain resistance
  • UV resistant
  • Pre-measured, easy-to-apply kits
  • Works vertically and horizontally
  • Meets USDA/FDA guidelines
  • Environmentally safe
  • Available in gloss and low luster
  • High coverage rate
  • Moderate light reflectivity
  • Exceptional adhesion
  • Used to seal VCT, terrazzo, quarry, ceramic tile, epoxy, paint, concrete, metal, foam, fiberglass, wood, vinyl sheeting and more

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